About me

My name is Marinko Neralić. I was born 05.03.1984. in Karlovac, Croatia. I have beautiful wife and twins – two beutiful boys (potential pipemakers).

Daily I work in a private firm as a designer engineering. We design roads, parking lots, water supply… With all obligations what regards the family, work, pets … I can spend a few hours a week to go to his workshop and turn into pipmakera.

Pipe making I started in mid-2012, and initially making pipe was my hobby, but now I can say that he turned into a second job, which I love, which I do with the heart, in which I found myself and I enjoy when I’m working.

In each pipe invest their best and want to drop the best possible. I like to see satisfied customers, believes it is more important than the money you get to the pipe.

I have to admit that a lot of my pipe created without sketches directly from the head creating a pipe and made to order, which invest extra effort in order to comply with the will of the customer and in the end to be satisfied with the product.

A lot of thinking about pipes and lines that will take place, I draw a lot and doing sketches pipe, detail sketches which later trying to accurately convey what the briar or mortar.