As to the drilling, for the chamber I use drill 18, 19, 20 mm.

Shank pipe I drill with a 4.2mm, mouthpieces also make manually and draft hole of 4.2 mm exceed the Y towards the end of the mouthpiece in order to be a good flow and to obtain maximum enjoyment with smoking. The thickness of the mouthpiece with the button is 4.0 mm max.

I don’t do classical pipes beacuse I think that in the world a lot of top pipemakers working classics, I think it would be my hard work highlighted in this sea classics. If you make a classical model always look to her put his signature or some detail in order to again be different. Almost all my pipes are unique because they are in making love to adjust the direction of the annual rings, the shape of the wooden blocks from where I work, and then it is difficult to replicate later. If a model pipe Again this is mostly due to the order, but always look to do is different from the original combination of different shades of colors and types of materials and colors.